Published April 30, 2013 by JoAnna Senger

A first for me: I will be on a series of panels at LepreCon39, a festival for writers in various genres, May 9-12, 2013: http://www.leprecon.org/lep39. The panels will address
• Flying Monsters in History,
• Animals Use in Fiction Stories,
• Are you feeling lucky, punk?
• Dressing Your Vampire for His First Kill
My kind of crowd! Festival is held at the Mesa Marriott Hotel, 200 North Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ.

My Monday, January 7, 2013

Published January 6, 2013 by JoAnna Senger

It’s time to celebrate the New Year by doing something different, something altogether startling. Hey—I know! I think I’ll get about 3 or 4 shots in my back. By George, that’s the ticket!!! To really get in to the swing of it all, I’ll take an option on having another series later on, maybe two more series. Skip to milou! At least, I hope I can skip to milou.
Wish me luck on Monday afternoon.

Time to Buy a tablet like an iPad????

Published January 2, 2013 by JoAnna Senger

To continue my rant about “social” media, I have come to the conclusion that I resent the confinement of sitting in front of the screen far more than the technology.  Even though I have two computers at opposite sides of the house, one of them a laptop, I still feel far more confined than I would if I had to read a book.  SO…are the new tablets such as the iPad significantly more mobile than a laptop?  I know that they are lighter, and I would like to be able to do social media in more settings than those accommodated by my laptop.  I want something to do on a five-minute break and respond to a post, for example.

          Your thoughts?

New Year’s Resolution

Published December 31, 2012 by JoAnna Senger

It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and I must begin mine with a confession. It’s time to address a deficiency in my “skill set” as they say, and acknowledge that I really can’t stand social media. The very term is an oxymoron. In fact, my aversion is so great that I have had to do some soul searching. After all, I used to be a computer programmer and have worked in IT or related fields for decades. Not a programmer anymore, of course, but I’m still technically aware, at a minimum. I finally realize why I am nearly allergic to Facebook and other web sites. And here’s the reason why….WHOOPS!
I’ll hold that little insight until tomorrow….

The World as I See It….

Published January 27, 2012 by JoAnna Senger

Greetings to my friends in horror, the merely curious, and those who can’t believe I actually write this stuff!

Most of the horror movies I have seen rely on stranger-on-stranger violence, a rather comforting form of horror because most of the people we see every day are, by definition, people we know. 

I prefer to write about the horror of the everyday, the demon sitting across the breakfast table or the co-worker who so kindly brings you tea in the morning.  At least, you think it’s tea.  Looks like tea.  Smells like tea.  However, you can’t remember ever finishing up one of these cups of tea–ever–and lately, you seem to see better at night.

Maybe you are one of the comfortable people.  Maybe you should read below:

Comfortable People by JoAnna Senger


Comfortable people, watch them go,

Talking and laughing, to and fro.

They think they see, they think they know,

But they’re just part of a horror show.



Let me know if you agree.