How should I present myself: who I am or what I’ve done? Think I’ll do both.

In the “Accomplishment” category, how many of you can catch lizards, mice, birds, and bunnies with household implements such as a plastic bowl, a tea towel, a hand towel or a PVC pipe (at least 3” in diameter) with removable caps on both ends?

If not, get yourself an exceptionally predatory pet like my cat Timely. He or she will catch critters, bring them home to you, wake you up in the middle of the night, and turn them loose virtually unharmed to run around the house until someone catches them. Talk about a walk-up call! No need to go camping. Whenever I can, I catch them and let them go.

I never thought I would develop skills in this area.

My primary characteristic is curiosity. Professionally, I am bilingual with words and numbers. In general, working the numbers pays better, and jobs are more abundant. So…I made my living for a long time in various analytical fields: financial, computer systems, and Human Resources. Now I am more interested in the law.

Publications include a book on Human Resources, a mystery (Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood), and numerous horror short stories. My next mystery, Bad Bargain, is in its final edit. Which genre do I prefer? Depends on my mood. Professional prose is meat-and-potatoes, mysteries are the side dishes, and I love horror for dessert.

If you would like more professional information about me, I have included a resume elsewhere on this blog. This should be enough for now.

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  • I just had to check this out. One of my few memories of SME English classes (Mme. Crain was far more memorable!) was your story written in the style of Hemingway. I believe it was about a shower. At least I think it was your work. I remember Rawley T. Farnsworth and thought he was such a good teacher, perhaps because he was so entertaining. I think most of our classmates spent their time wondering if he was gay. I will never forget Tom Hank’s tribute (and coming out party) for Mr. F. Looking forward to hearing from you regarding the reunion book and seeing you in September. I have a husband who, like me, is retired from teaching and two daughters, one of whom won the world 100K championship in Italy today. We are all in a state of awe and shock.

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