The World as I See It….

Published January 27, 2012 by JoAnna Senger

Greetings to my friends in horror, the merely curious, and those who can’t believe I actually write this stuff!

Most of the horror movies I have seen rely on stranger-on-stranger violence, a rather comforting form of horror because most of the people we see every day are, by definition, people we know. 

I prefer to write about the horror of the everyday, the demon sitting across the breakfast table or the co-worker who so kindly brings you tea in the morning.  At least, you think it’s tea.  Looks like tea.  Smells like tea.  However, you can’t remember ever finishing up one of these cups of tea–ever–and lately, you seem to see better at night.

Maybe you are one of the comfortable people.  Maybe you should read below:

Comfortable People by JoAnna Senger


Comfortable people, watch them go,

Talking and laughing, to and fro.

They think they see, they think they know,

But they’re just part of a horror show.



Let me know if you agree.


2 comments on “The World as I See It….

  • JoAnna I agree! Sometimes I see people writing up their reports in red ink, but it has a funny acrid smell. Is it really ink? I don’t know. The horror of the everyday can be worse than anything.

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